05 Jul 2008

The rise and rise of Bet365

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There is one sportsbetting operator that keeps getting mentioned in glowing terms in the last six months – step forward Bet365. The Sunday Times Fastrack 100 – an index of the biggest and fastest growing private companies places them at number 16 and has an estimated turnover of £1.8million. It’s been an amazing rise and from what I can see it has been done on a simple strategy of just getting on and doing simple things quickly, very simply but very effectively. Along the way they’ve innovated and led from the front (live streaming comes to mind).

At the Gaming Executive Summit last week (July 2008), Tom Hall of Asian Logic singled them out as a up and coming major player in the Asian market. Their competitors consistently praise them in off the record chats as an example of how to do it well. Service suppliers praise their decisiveness and ability to get a deal done in two weeks. Partners love the revenues they bring. Does anyone have a bad word to say about them?

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  1. Richard says:

    Good stuff macbet…
    Do the research, summarise and add your view point so others can read then fob off as our own…

    Good luck!

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