07 Dec 2008

Go large with Sportingbet’s live video

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We recently completed an upgrade to sportingbet’s live betting application that we are very proud of. They are a great client who aren’t afraid to try new things. The application has some nice features such as personalised favourites. But we’ve added a few more that have really got the punters excited.

The settlement feed is simple but very important for a certain kind of customer – it lets you know immediately when a market has been settled. The other feature is live video and we’ve pushed the boat out on this one. The application has a great integrated player with countdowns and all of the rich functionality you’d expect. There is a pop-up player that links back to the main event. But best of all is the “Supersize” feature. It plays full size video in the main window and not in a pop-up. On large monitors this just feels right.

The best video implementation in a sportsbook? We’d like to think so but await challenges in the comments below!

Watch a highlights clip for yourself – click on the HD button to watch it in higher quality on Vimeo’s site. But above all – watch it with sound on…


2 Responses to “Go large with Sportingbet’s live video”

  1. Steve says:

    Maybe , you should have a look at the spelling and gramatical errors on the link, i counted 4 without even looking too hard.

  2. Brian MacSweeney says:

    "Grammatical"? Capital "i"?? 🙂

    Thanks for tip – I hope I’ve fixed the four you spotted…

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