05 Jan 2009

Photostreaming Live Sport

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There has been a lot of interest in live video on live betting websites (see our recent work). One thing I’ve always wanted to try was to stream out real-time photos where video isn’t available. If you use official serrvices such as PA Sports’ Shootlive product you will be restricted to a very limited number of images in each half of the game. Protection of the TV rights is always at the forefront of the Premier League’s mind.  I do think Football Data Co and the Premier League (and other rights holders) could do more to develop these services.

Anyway, a photographer called David Bergman took 1,304 photos at an American Football game and has compiled them into a video. There are so many images being shot by photographers at big sports events, surely at least one every second? The reason I’m posting it is that it gives a good flavour of the event – something that’s missing from live sports events where there are no available video feeds.

1,304 Photos from the 2008 SEC Championship Game from David Bergman on Vimeo.


I’ll be chairing a session on related topics at the Madrid Gaming Exec Summit with some very knowledgeable panellists from the sports rights associations and the betting industry.

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