26 Apr 2009

Betfair Predicts: Raising brand awareness in the USA

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Betfair have been attracting attention for what is a very simple idea – Betfair Predicts. Anyone involved in sportsbetting knows the power of commercial exchanges and their ability to predict event outcomes (OK, except on horses, greyhounds and occasional 4-4 footie matches). Betfair have created a standalone site that flips the price of each selection into a probability, gives it a fancy graph and creates a widget that you can add to your blog. They have had very good press, especially on American Idol preditcions. Mentions include Techcrunch and ABC news.

“Betting markets like Betfair’s are a form of prediction market, so it looks like it is the Steeler’s game to lose. Then again, what do Brits know about American football? U.S. residents cannot legally bet on Betfair, which is based in London”.

And on ABC News:

“James got into “Idol” betting last season. His winnings were paltry.

“Last year, I made around $50,” he said. “I bet against the tiny Asian girl and against the woman with a bunch of tattoos. They both proceeded to lose.”

You don’t have to be a gambling expert to predict who’ll win this year. As in the actual competition, in online betting communities, raven-haired musical theater veteran Adam Lambert is favored to win “American Idol.” Two of the Internet’s largest sites, Betfair.com and Intrade.com, give him a 65 percent and 66.3 percent chance of winning, respectively.

Not bad considering even the most respectable online gambling brands are normally only mentioned as part of some foreign Axis of Evil.

Good work.

Have a look at the widgets below. I reckon F1 isn’t quite Jensen Button’s yet.

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