11 Jun 2009

Podcast – Innovation in Gaming

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There are thousands of podcasts available focusing on all areas of business and the broader entertainment sector. The betting and gaming sector has never really had something that can be held up as a serious contribution to the podcasting world. That is until now. Ronan Tighe has been publishing a series of interviews with the good, the bad and the ugly of betting and gaming. I qualified in the latter category I think.

Ronan works for Foviance, a customer experience consultancy who have worked with the gaming sector down through the years. He is focusing on innovation in gaming and to date he has had some great interviewees including the smart guys from Evolution Gaming, Nextgen, Buzzluck, Probability, Electracade – all creative thinkers with strong track records.

I had a chat with Ronan about live betting. We talked about who’s innovating, trends in live betting and the role of the audience or end users in product development. One of the most rewarding evenings I spent was in Foviance’s usability lab testing our Sportingbet live betting application head to head with Bwin and others (UK audiences preferred Sportingbet – simpler, less intimidating). Apart from a few exceptions too many critical projects go live without any involvement or consultation with users. We all love the idea of it but it is rare to see it in action. However, it’s getting easier to involve end users in product development and we are hoping to take this to a new level in gaming with a forthcoming product. I’m sure Foviance will be in attendance at EiG and other events. In the meantime, I’m trying to get hold of the outakes…

Have a listen or even better, subscribe to the series via iTunes.

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