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Real-time search on Twitter

We call it live betting but in the wider web development world, real-time search and real-time applications are the new black. It’s nice to know that betting and gaming are ahead of the curve. Twitter have released a widget that searches on specific tags. It’s interesting to see what is happening when you search on live betting OR bet in play. Mainly affiliates twittering away to themselves and occasional offerings from the big boys. Take a look…

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The Big Sports Debate 2009

On Thursday (9th July) I am moderating a panel session at the Gaming Executive Summit in Madrid. The panel is looking at the relationship between the sports industry and betting, or specifically “exploring how a harmonised marriage between gaming companies and the sports industry can be created”. This seems to suggest a bit of disharmony but in reality the two sectors work very well together. You can see it in the recent shirt sponsorship deals by gaming companies (now accounting for 25% shirt sponsors in the premier league. There is at least one more on the way).

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