19 May 2010

Totesport go live with Betstreamâ„¢

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There has been a lot of activity in sportstbetting, redesigning sites and adding live betting features in readiness for the world cup. Totesport have redesigned their website and it lifts them into the Premier league of sportsbook offerings. Best of all, their live betting is powered by Betstream™.

We’re very proud of the live football experience. It features some smart functionality that is set to drive turnover and margin as well as giving punters the best live stats experience. Take a look at Totesport during live football and you will see not just live scores and stats but an integrated experience that brings the best content and data feeds into the heart of the betting website. Every stat has an equivalent bet offer. Every action in the game results in a relevant market being highlighted. And every goal in every game across the world of football is brought to the user’s attention with the latest prices.

Best of all, it will keep on getting better. Stay tuned but go and have a look at some live football on Totesport or watch the highlights video here.


We’ve gone live with some promotional applications that can be deployed across the website. There’s more in the video below on the promos.

2 Responses to “Totesport go live with Betstreamâ„¢”

  1. Eamonn Toland says:

    Congratulations Boolabus – it looks fantastic!

    Just ‘watching’ Germany v Spain on it at the moment, it’s coming up with some very interesting bets, and the commentary is good as well.

    I just realised I have an account with Totesport, must have been from Cheltenham a couple of years ago – I think I might just have to reactivate it.

    If I win big, I know who to thank 😉

  2. Brian MacSweeney says:

    And if you don’t win big you didn’t get the idea from me!

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