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Patriot Games: Why a Californian poker licence might cost $1 billion

Will a californian poker licence cost $1 billion? A discussion about online gambling and how things might develop in the US. The video below is part of a podcast by Jason Calacanis and features an interview with a former winner of the US Apprentice TV series, Kelly Perdew.

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Real-time search on Twitter

We call it live betting but in the wider web development world, real-time search and real-time applications are the new black. It’s nice to know that betting and gaming are ahead of the curve. Twitter have released a widget that searches on specific tags. It’s interesting to see what is happening when you search on live betting OR bet in play. Mainly affiliates twittering away to themselves and occasional offerings from the big boys. Take a look…

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The Rise of Social Gaming

Social Gaming continues to grow. What is the impact for the gambling sector?

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