Sportsbook design

Boolabus’ experienced team has been working with sportsbook partners for over ten years. Brian was the developer and producer behind some of the worlds first interactive TV sportsbooks and since then has worked with the leaders and innovators in online betting.

What we do

  • Product Development – We understand your customers
  • Operational – We understand the challenges and operational limitations of running a day to day sportsbook
  • Technical – We have created sites and applications for 26 languages, in multiples technologies and for a variety of platforms
  • Branding & Design – We can help define your brand position, execute the final design or work closely with your in-house team making sure they understand the potential of betstream.
  • Live betting – we are the leaders and innovators in live betting experiences
  • Innovative products – we are always working on increasing the range of products that will increase acquisition and betting turnover.

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